2012, Year of Water Dragon

2012 brings us to the grand and dangerous sounding Year of the Dragon. Author Suzanne White says everything is magnified in a Dragon Year, with fortunes made and lost in lightning speed. I got a sneak peak of her 2012 predictions — Year of the Dragon Horoscopes — in which she writes, “Any and all events will be dramatic and charged with a rare intensity. In short, 2012 will be a year of derring-do, hell-raising and exorbitant fun.” In 2012, Chinese New Year starts January 23, 2012 and runs to February 9th, 2013.

I first came across Suzanne White’s book, The New Astrology, while working as a full-time reader in a metaphysical bookstore in San Francisco. I live to use my mental blender, as Suzanne recommends, so finding out about the Cancer (Fire) Goat led to some new ah-has. With her merging of Eastern and Western Zodiac signs, she ends up with 144 New Astrology Signs.

Her style is entertaining with something substantial for each New Astrology sign to chew on. The Water Dragon year, she says, favors the bold. She writes, “If you want to succeed at something
major, start early in the Dragon year and persist. Don’t give up. Express
yourself openly.” The Year of the Dragon Horoscopes have monthly predictions for each of the 144 signs for the year.

More about Suzanne White and the New Astrology:

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