Astrology of Sun in Amordad or Leo, Moon in Azar or Sagittarius 2012. – Iranian (blog)

Astrology of Sun in Amordad or Leo, Moon in Azar or Sagittarius 2012.
Iranian (blog)
Astrology of Sun in Amordad or Leo, Moon in Azar or Sagittarius 2012. alimostofi. by alimostofi 27-Jul-2012. Astrology of Sun in Amordad or Leo, Moon in Azar or Sagittarius 2012. The Moon is entering into Sagittarius or

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Image by CptAhab
This is my attempt at astrophotography with Sagittarius, the milky way, globular clusters and Jupiter. After many difficult adventures and frustrating attempts I found that this is actually easy, go figure. This was taken with a Canon SX100 IS on a walmart tripod. Camera settings in manual mode: ISO1600, F2.8, Shutter speed 15 seconds, Manual Focus to infinity (or as far out as you can get it), and Self-Timer 2-seconds (to get rid of shakes when shooting begins). Post processing was done with DeepSkyStacker (awesome free program) . Stacked 21 Lights, 10 Bias, 10 Darks. After stacking the pictures it looked like I messed things up (very bright image/washed out, the saved image on desktop looked okay) but I took the image to Adobe Creative Suite 2 (not free, but you’d be amazed at who around you may have a copy, so ask around). In CS2 I changed the contrast slider button, the brightness, thought wow, lets move the red and blue slider button too, lol and saved it. I found that DeepSkyStacker did VERY well and that the image was not messed up, I’m not sure why. Please Please ask questions or make comments. I want astrophotography to be enjoyed by all and it almost destroyed me, till again I found out how easy it is. Thanks to my twin brother who helped encourage me through this, and Skype for letting us exchange photos.

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