Jupiter and Venus, Higher, More Loving “Order out of Chaos”

I was bedazzled by Jupiter and Venus last night, when I went to snip parsley for dinner. Wow! One is really a bright star – I could see it through the forest! Mars is blinking red too, having come to its closest point (Perigee) on March 5th. Jupiter and Venus come closest astronomically soon, and on March 25th, NASA is hosting an online chat to answer questions about the alignment.

So why is there an illustration here of a scary sea monster? If you look at the actual planetary positions, Jupiter and Venus are near the head of Cetus, a constellation between Aries and Pisces. The Dark Moon will eclipse Venus on the 26th, and then the fist crescent will be visible in a line-up on the 27th! See the Solar System Scope — on the function, “panoramic view” — to see the real sky line-up and movement.

The constellation Cetus, also know as the whale, has been associated with beasts of the apocalypse, in particular in the Revelation of St. John, the last book of the Bible. The author-mystic Manly P. Hall wrote of Cetus in The Secret Teachings of All Ages, “While most interpreters of the apocalypse consider the various beasts described therein as typical of evil agencies, this viewpoint is
the inevitable result of unfamiliarity with the ancient doctrines from which the symbolism of the book is derived. Astronomically, the great monster rising out of the sea is the
constellation of Cetus (the whale).”

The idea of Kali Yuga, is that we’re in an era of descent into chaos, out of which something new will emerge. There’s the mysterious maxim we see around in, on the U.S. currency, in Latin translated as “order out of chaos,” possibly hinting that there’s an awareness in come circles, of the end of the age — and being alert to directing that toward a desired reality. Is it evil to create an intended order out of these cycles of chaos?

That question gets complicated when you consider there could many competing agendas, for the future of humanity. And some intended outcomes may serve to benefit a few — those at the top of a pyramid, for example. The stellar mythologist John Lamb Lash of Metahistory.org, has pin-pointed March as the time when humanity sees behind the mask of Cetus.

In an introduction to what he calls Gaiaspora — scattered adepts of the Earth mysteries — he writes, “The Cetus-Ram tableau represents the confrontation between humanity (the luminous child, or anthropos) and the Archontic forces, described in the Gnostic text, On the Origin of the World….”

The ancient gnostics or knowers, warned of a force that played demonic trickster, called Archons. Barbara Hand Clow believes the Archons to be thoughtforms created by we humans ourselves, from the trauma of a great cataclysm tens of thousands of years ago. This Archontic force or mind virus, is only able to create imitations, the virtual or simulation to induce the real thing.

Now I’m piecing something together here, just to make the connection to what we’re seeing with the apocalypse phenomenon, a descent into chaos — that word, remember, means unveiling. There’s a lot of seeing through the illusions, and facing the dark or what’s viscerally sensed is evil. An example is the slow creep of culture that corrupts with violent, dehumanizing scenes or creepy occult images.

It takes me back to the echoing advice of Barbara Marcinak, to exercise extreme discernment. When the outer is spiraling into chaos, Jupiter and Venus remind us that we can rely on principles of truth, beauty, love, friendship, honor and conscience to see us through. It’s also interesting to note the feminine in Venus, her presence greatly ennobled and enlarged, meeting chaos. The next New Moon is in the astrological sign Aries, the sign of the warrior — for being a warrior for these principles. The Moon, Venus and Jupiter meet near the head of Cetus, the creature emerging out of chaos, as something wholly new. It’s a chance to face the chaos with courage, and with the intent to create something aligned with our highest values.

Public Domain Image from Atlas Coelestis of John Flamsteed

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