Keeping it Real in 2012

My interest in 2012 as a phenomenon peaked a few years ago, and around that time, I even went to a 2012 conference in Sarasota. I’ve heard many different takes, from William Henry’s research into Cosmic Stargates, to Dr. Christine Page’s book and research on 2012 as the Return of the Great Mother.

I got the chance to dine with well-known authors Daniel Pinchbeck and John Major Jenkins. Pinchbeck’s recent film 2012: Time for Change, takes it beyond theorizing to the practical tools for change. And now, here we are, on the cusp of this highly anticipated year — I have to admit, it’s exciting to finally be on the verge of 2012!

On this site, I’ve shared the perspective of Mayan Elder Carlos Barrios and from that start have accepted the idea — from my own direct observation — that this is a time of awakening and epic change. I’ve come to see this though, as an experience of the individual. I like this article by Zen Gardner, called, Are You Fearful or Anxious About 2012? In it, he writes, “Each different theory or combination of theories will make more sense to different individuals depending on their culture, their personality, their genetics, upbringing, life events etc. What makes “sense” to me will not necessarily make “sense” to you – we are seeing things through different frameworks.”

The framework I’m drawn to most now, is the one that puts home planet Earth in the center of the story. I find it odd to hear media asking about what will happen on December 21st, 2012. My perspective is that whatever it is, we’re in it. The biggest crisis, we face, in my view is not economical but ecological. And at the heart of the dis-ease, is our disconnection from the home planet and our bodies. There’s so much to discover, right here at home. That’s why I’m drawn to health and organic farming, and being in the forest — attuning my vibe to a planet that’s also changing.

After all I’ve read and heard about 2012, I’m still taking it all in, as a mystery to be lived, not wrapped up in a soundbite. Most recently, I’ve been drawn to the work of stellar astro-mythologist John Lamb Lash, with his Countdown to 2012: Reflections on Kali Yuga, the Maya Endtime, and the Western Narrative Spell.

Having shared where I stand, with 2012, on ground that’s always shifting, I intend to be on the lookout for perspectives that encourage, entertain or inspire. That’s my commitment to you the reader, as we head into this year with so much mystery and hype around it. Rather than a passive “What will happen?,” let’s take an active role, and make the most of this dynamic remarkable time.

  • For more, see the Everything Guide to 2012 by Mark Heley: a comprehensive book online, from theories about Planet X to galactic superwaves.

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