Libra Full Moon!

The Brian Colleran Trust Fund Easter Cycle 2012

Image by Peter Mooney
The Brian Colleran Trust Fund

St . Joseph’s GAA Club Easter Charity Cycle 2012 – from 1 April
The club members are undertaking an Easter Charity Cycle from Ruislip, London to Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon, Ireland from Sunday, 1 April. This epic challenge is in aid of Mickey Colleran’s brother, Brian. Mickey is one of St. Joseph’s best known and most liked players. Brian Colleran is a 24 year old man from Ballaghaderreen who was seriously injured in a car accident while travelling to work. Brian has a passion for all sports, especially Gaelic football, having played at all ages for Ballaghaderreen GAA Club and for one year with St. Claret’s in London. Brian is constantly undergoing medical treatment and we hope to raise as much money as possible to help towards Brian’s medical fees through ‘The Brian Colleran Trust Fund’. The cycle will culminate in a Ballaghaderreen v St. Joseph’s challenge match on Good Friday, 6 April.

These are photographs taken from the final leg of the journey – from Dublin – to Ballaghaderren

It’s a bright Full Moon in Venus’ own Libra, the air sign of beauty, harmonious living, art and grace.

The Moon, we know, reflects the Sun’s light, making it a kind of nightlight in the dreaming hours, and lantern for shining a light in the mystery of the psyche. A Full Moon gives us a strong glow to see by, so the instinctual and intuitive knowing flashes through — Full Moons are time for revelation, illumination!

All of us want to be seen for who we really are, and who we’re becoming. The gift of Libra is it’s ability to reflect back our finest qualities, so we know they’re radiating and having an impact. The Libra Full Moon, opposite the other luminary, the Sun in Aries, is a time to shine and reflect the shine of others, too!

As I look at the Full Moon chart, I see questions like, “Who are the ones that give feedback from an inspiring, elevating worldview?” And, “Which of those in my significant circle support me as I find ways to actualize the person I’m becoming?” A big key here, “Who allows me to change, even if it’s a chaotic process, and how do I back up others in their quest to move beyond the familiar?”

We’ve just moved, and the Moon rises outside the window where I write, and that’s very auspiciously timed! I’m a bit under the weather today, but feeling the charge of the new, and all that I was holding psychically from the old place falling away. Full Moons can be about letting go, and with Aries-Libra, it can mean taking an action that signifies a fresh start or re-balancing. It can be taking courageous action to put your ideas and creative gifts out there. Hope it’s a good one!

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