Mars Virgo & Breaking it Down

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Cruise ship – Radiance of the Seas docked at Icy Strait Point, Alaska

I’ve been thinking a lot about prioritizing, and even made a list of top goals. They weren’t numbered though, since I like to write my top aims inside a circle, in no particular order. Mandi Lockley of AstroAir has this tip: “List out everything you want to achieve. It’s easy to scatter and splinter your energies with Mars in Virgo, so when you have that list, you would be well advised to cross off a number — if not most — of those goals, so you can focus on the important ones.”

Mars is in mutable earth sign Virgo all the way to July 2012! This is a boon to those of us long on ideas and enthusiasm, but who sometimes struggle knowing how to break it down — into daily actions to make it real. With Mars Virgo, the process is as absorbingly motivating as the idea or it, or the fantasy of the end result. We can get busy with the doing, which is so satisfying, especially if the productivity is in areas that feel deeply rewarding and renewing.

This month (November 2011), Mars will trine Jupiter, the planet of rewards on the 16th. And this is followed by a Mars to Pluto trine on the 23rd, for digging in to what can revive, restore, regenerate you. So it’s a time to be discerning, and pick goals that will be most fortifying to you mind, body and spirit. With this grand trine in earth signs, it’s time to cultivate the new ground — what can you grow now into something substantial, enduring and aligned with your values?

What you begin now can be built up over time, and refined during the Mars Virgo retrograde in 2012 (from February to April). Mars Virgo is the effective, forceful little buddy for these planets of real change (Jupiter-Pluto). It’s good timing, since many of us are adapting to great upheavals in the economy/ecology around us. Mars Virgo is good weather for being flexible with solutions, seeing a situation holistically and adapting to meet the needs of the moment.

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