Mars Virgo, My Dog’s on a Diet, and So am I

I got a chastening lecture at the vet yesterday, making me think of that quote by author unknown, “If your dog is fat, you’re not getting enough exercise!”

My dog Lucky Lulu, seen here in a “before” post from 2007 on the dog days of summer, has gained so much, the doctor called her grossly overweight. That really hurt, because I pride myself on living holistically and we feed her mostly organic. My precious girl and BFF has an illness now, and is scheduled for surgery. My vet didn’t hold back, saying, that the number one health threat here is her weight. And no, he said bluntly, you can’t blame it on the large frame breed — she’s a Staffordshire Terrier, a.k.a. American Pit Bull. I showed him a similar looking dog, same breed, weighing 86 pounds in a local collection of stories. Just because there are a lot of fat dogs, he said, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. He whipped a book off the shelf and showed me what my dog should look like!

It’s fun when themes below line up to astrological markers, and Mars in Virgo, is matched by many astrologers with small animals, pets (in our daily routine) and veterinary services.

I see this as a challenge to show some self-control, and get moving, along with my dog. It’s about not giving in to short term satisfaction of her constant food questing — she’s a scarfer — in favor of long term health gains. This is not going to be easy, but I’m sensing that daily discipline that comes from Mars Virgo. And these days, I have been working on portion control, realizing I don’t need as much as my super active Virgo husband.

So today we’ll walk on the forest trail, and I’ll brainstorm ways to get her (and me!) moving through the winter months. It’s a habit to set in now, and not in the dog days of summer! This is a time for creating new daily rhythms that feel productive. And for taking care good care of our little furry friends!

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2 Responses to “Mars Virgo, My Dog’s on a Diet, and So am I”

  1. Buzhar1128 says:

    Practice makes perfect, yet nobody’s best, so just why practice?

  2. YakupThe837 says:

    Someone that smiles of pleasure as soon as things go wrong, simply just looked into somebody else to blame them in.

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