Mercury Direct!

What’s that over yonder? Mercury turns direct in far-sighted Sagittarius this week, but give yourself time to integrate what’s been realized. Mercury will blaze its trail in what’s called direct shadow as it covers the perceptual ground it just back-stepped into. On January 1st, in the auspicious year of 2012, Mercury is out of direct shadow (20 degrees) and in serendipitous synch with the Gregorian calendar, into the brand new.

Mercury Sagittarius is about the big picture, and seeing yourself in the greater scheme. As the messenger turns direct at 3 degrees in this mutable fire sign, what startling truths are popping open for you? I see a chance here with the waning of the Moon, to digest and integrate all that’s been stirred up by these wild eclipses. The New Moon in deepest earth Capricorn is on December 24th, and between now and then, is your chance to adjust to the new picture seen just at the edge of the horizon, and your conscious awareness.

Mercury is direct on Tuesday, December 13th at 8:43 pm New York and into the 14th at 1:43 am London. Read more about Mercury Retrogrades in 2011.

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Mercury Direct! originally appeared on Astrology on Monday, December 12th, 2011 at 16:22:27.

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