Mercury Retrograde Pisces: Neptunian Wierding & Trust

Mercury retrograde can sometimes make you feel like you’re not in your right mind. A big part of the frustration with it, comes with how we react to what it brings — delays, confusion, mixed signals. Knowing your own mind is key. When a patch of fog rolls in, can you be curious about messages in dreams or chance meetings? Is there a way to trust that things are unfolding as they should, though perhaps below the level of awareness?

This Mercury retrograde cycle lasts to April 4th, and the last stretch is in Pisces, where lines get blurred between dream life and the topside world. It’s an impressionistic blur, with emotion and imagination coloring thoughts, and that filter has some known dangers.

Chrissie Blaze wrote a whole book about Mercury Retrograde, subtitled Your Survival Guide to Astrology’s Most Precarious Time of Year.” On Mercury Pisces, she writes, “Nervousness and stress, unfounded fears, and paranoia may now be stimulated, especially if you have been working or living in an environment hostile to your deeper needs.” She continues, “Your best course is to make as few assumptions as possible. Life is urging you to rely on your inner resources and come to your own conclusions without external input.”

The bright side is that it’s time for the mystic-artist-poet to show itself. It could be that a situation gets resolved, by letting go of trying to fix it. There’s that magic thing where giving up with faith, leads to the whole gnarled mess starting to dissolve. We can work things out with people in our dreams, or get instruction in night school (the Mystery School of the dream time) — and most importantly, remember them!

There’s a different kind of sight with Mercury in Pisces, that you could call multi-dimensional. There’s a spooky intermingling, where we pick up others’ thought-feelings and can be overcome by moods without knowing why. But it allows for walking in another person’s aura (shoes), and understand what their soul is soaked in emotionally and psychically — it potentially makes us more empathic. Get ready for some astonishing psychic moments and realizations, that gain momentum as Mercury turns direct at 23 Pisces on April 4th. Mercury will remind us of our own capacity for wonder, delight, enchantment, with Mercury in Pisces to mid-April.

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