Neptune Aquarius & Murmuration

After not knowing what murmuration meant really, I encountered it twice yesterday. I think it’s mesmerizing! It’s the rhythmic dance of shapes that starlings create. I first saw it on philosopher-astrologer Ann Kreilkamp’s post A Great Human Murmuration is Underway….

In her intro to an article by James Howard Kunstler, she writes of the need to avoid historical murmurations that have turned violent. The breakdown of public trust has opened us up to a wild winds moment, where spontaneous, sudden shifts can happen, both for good and ill. Ann writes, “Let us remain non-violent as we engage in a long-term, moment-by-moment revolution of values.”

As a very natural phenomenon that looks supernatural, it’s making me think of these last days of Neptune in Aquarius. What erratically shifting winds are causing movements to form, or inspiring that creative group there? And how does the vibratory quality of our thoughts affect those we move with?

Air sign Aquarius is about frequencies and the mysterious way we pick things (ideas, inspirations) up from the air. Or the phenomenon of a breakthrough happening in different places, at the same time. Sometimes it’s called the 100th Monkey effect, from observations about how monkeys picked up on a behavior, without seeing it firsthand, and how it spreads around to isolated family groups.

This month of Aquarius is a time to see who you’re in synch with, enjoy that electrifying sense of being in motion with them. Aquarius is friendships, colleagues, associations, guilds, social networks, troupes and activist posses. Are you part of inspiring murmurations? Or is it time to fly off and vibe with another flock?

I also saw Tree of Life (the movie) yesterday with some scenes of murmuration, along with stunning images of the cosmos and nature. And you can see video of murmuration in the UK here and specifically Bristol, and Denmark.

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