Neptune into Pisces

The pond on the Clar

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I’d not been to the pond for months. Given that it was nearly lost due to the farmer damming the stream that feeds it I was keen to see how it was. It is recovering from the idiotic attempt at destroying it will be a year or two before the bank has properly recovered.

The planet of mysticism, unseen realms, the dreamlife and art – Neptune – makes its ingress into Pisces today (to 2025). In her compelling little book Cosmic Karma, astrologer Marguerite Manning calls Neptune the mirror of our soul, and that “it’s nothing more than a celestial shadow of our unconscious past, our creative imagination and our unconditional faith — guilt and addiction included.”

Pisces is the sign that’s the return journey, and ways we seek experiences that lift us out of ordinary reality. Neptune inspires ecstatic heights and magical creations of the imagination. But its seductive glam can, at times, lead us into mirages that are just reflections of what’s in our own psyche. In a time when there’s a lot of fear and worry, we want to avoid getting lost in the fun house of delusional thinking. Manning writes, “Evidently, the very essence of this dark and inhabitable planet personifies the most basic of human conditions: when faced with intolerable circumstances, people tend to see what they want to see.”

With Neptune in Pisces, the boundaries blur, and we are at times swimming together in a great sea of impressions and feeling waves. The gift of intuition is your tool for discerning what’s yours to integrate, and what’s just drifting by. I’ve lately felt submerged by moods and even physical churnings that have no easily identifiable root. With Pisces, it’s about the soul and its many lives, both early experiences, but in lives that are just sensed or played out in dreams. I’m used to these times of feeling lost, when I know it’s best to keep things simple, and look to movies, friends and books that remind me that life is good. Being in nature and asking for clear signs and for guidance helps, too.

I’ll be talking with Marguerite next week about Neptune in Pisces, and focusing on this enigmatic planet all month. Which house is Neptune transiting for you? This is where you’re most likely to catch sight of the soul, and the greater mysteries of life.

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Neptune into Pisces originally appeared on Astrology on Friday, February 3rd, 2012 at 15:11:57.

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