Neptune Pisces through the Houses

Astrologer Marguerite Manning sees Neptune as the soul’s reminder of yesterday, including past lives, and what we chose to overcome in this life.

In a recent conversation, she said of the meaning of life, “I think it’s about living an honorable human life, and that’s one that the body has worked for, but the soul can be proud of…And I think down here on planet earth that’s a little difficult because we’re spiritual beings having a mental experience in a physical world. And that’s why we need Mars to push that Sun to stardom and Neptune out there reminding us of the initial game plan.”

With Neptune, Marguerite points out the infinite ways your karma can come back to you. In the first article from our talk, here are her insights on Neptune Pisces Transiting the Houses.

Marguerite Manning is the author of the popular book, Cosmic Karma, Understanding Your Contract With The Universe. Her forthcoming book, Sign Language, Decoding Your Contract with the Universe, will be available on Kindle in mid-March, 2012. Marguerite also offers Karmic Counseling Sessions, through her website.

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Neptune Pisces through the Houses originally appeared on Astrology on Monday, February 13th, 2012 at 15:28:50.

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