Picture of the Week: Power of Presence

It’s a Taurus Moon, with deeply rooting aspects to Mars (Virgo) and Jupiter (Taurus) that can help us feel sturdy on our feet. With a highly charged Lunar Eclipse days away, it’s a good day to ground, and renew yourself with a sensual moment.

Back when I was a full time student of women’s mysteries, I had the chance to camp overnight at Starhawk’s ranch in Northern California. We went out and sat with the trees, as an exercise to learn from them and maybe even get a message. I’m much more in my body than I was back then, but I still find it challenging to go into the deep and patient places where that sort of exchange with the plant kingdom can happen. I hear tell that it’s possible develop the ability to see trees breathing in and out. My North Node is Taurus, so slowly, but surely, I’m heading that way.

I’m thinking of Starhawk today, who has a new book out with a free bonus chapter to download at her official site — it’s called The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups. She’s been an impersonal, but influential teacher for me through her work. It’s not just the writings, with this her 12th book, but it’s the way she lives her values.

Her latest book is timely, with the kinds of groups forming to offer up alternatives to the top down hierarchy or CEO model. On her blog Dirt Worship, she writes, “To choose a positive future, we need the imagination, the commitment and passion that can never be commanded but can only be unleashed in groups of equals. Those groups need to work and function well. That’s why I’ve written this book.”

One thing I recall her telling us at the ranch, was to observe how trees move with the wind, but of course, their nature is to be rooted. Though she’s revived the Goddess/Wicca tradition, which has one foot in the supernatural, Starhawk is a powerful teacher because of her grounded presence. And on days like this, we too can draw sustenance and feel the stability of being solidly planted on the Earth. It’s satisfying to be productive, and this grand trine (with Pluto) gives you staying power to accomplish a lot, and even enjoy doing it!

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