Saturn in Libra Wave: “Relationship Reclamation”

Mark Borax of Soul Level Astrology is back with wise words for April 2012. He puts a beam on Saturn in Libra, set to oppose the Sun in Aries on April 15th. He writes, “We’re three-fourths of the way through this
Relationship Reclamation, which is the power spot of this Saturn-in-Libra wave.
The way you make love, the way you make friends, the way you conduct your affairs
with others now has the ability to transform like it rarely has had before.”

This month’s Cosmic Weather Report: Beyond Right and Wrong really hit home for me, especially this part: “Your visions of what can be and your recollections of what always has been tug back and forth between outrageously hopeful views of the bright future and saturated memories of the dark past.”

Mark writes about boundaries in relationship, and the call to say “No” to gain freedom from old patterns. Saturn helps to firm up those new boundaries, which has the paradoxical effect of concentrating your energies to invest in the bright future. I’m finding myself needing to confront relationship ghosts, in order, as Mark says, to “free the gift of your history from its curse.”

Lately, I’ve revisited in my dreams and idle musings, a relationship years ago that left some part of me feeling branded a loser. In truth, it seared (to use more fire language) into a wound that was already there. I’ve always known I’d need to heal those wounds of identity (a fire sign Aries concern), to find balance in a male/female relationship. This is the Aries-Libra dance — to turn on the brightness, and allow the other to shine, too.

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Saturn in Libra Wave: “Relationship Reclamation” originally appeared on Astrology on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012 at 11:53:44.

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