Taurus Mercury Makes the Rounds

Get ready for full-bodied language with Mercury into Taurus. It’s a short fly-by, from May 8 (10:14 pm Pacific) to May 24th.

The fixed earth sign Mercury draws our eye to what will grow or stand the test of time. Mercury’s timing is divine, as it acts as translator for the players in earth — Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. By early next week, Mercury will have gleaned much with trines to each, for messages about what’s worth investing in, what will flourish and what is dead weight. Under the waning Moon, I could see many trips to Goodwill! Or re-purposing, like turning a cast-off ceramic sink into a bird bath, like my Virgo man did recently.

Other possibilities:

  • Deeper commitment to life’s work (which might not necessarily be your job).
  • Using the wisdom of cause and effect to anticipate future needs, and taking steps to prepare, for peace of mind.
  • Looking at trends of value to adapt to rapidly changing financial system.
  • Shape your art with form and discipline.
  • Coming to terms with a debt situation.
  • Combining resources with others, with work/trades, barter, housing collectives, rent-exchanges, etc.

Portrait of the author Selma Lagerlof who won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1909, on the 20 crown note. Anna Yu/Getty Images

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