Taurus New Moon, Lucid Dreaming

The SECNAV speaks to students, professors and members of the Harvard Business School Association of Boston.

Image by Official U.S. Navy Imagery
BOSTON (Jan. 30, 2012) Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) the Honorable Ray Mabus, speaks to students, professors and members of the Harvard Business School Association of Boston, at Harvard University. Mabus spoke about the U.S. Military’s new defense strategy and Department of Navy’s role.(U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Sam Shavers/Released)

I read recently somewhere that nature’s organic pattern is the spiral. At the Dark Moon, the rhythm is one of spiraling in, for time in the cave. This makes it time to muse on your life direction. You might want to gather materials for a New Moon collage.

The About.com guide to Feng Shui Rodika Tchi writes, “Do you feel like you do not know what you want? This might sound silly, but I know deep inside many, many people feel this way, no matter how successful they can look on the outside.” She has Tips to Feng Shui Your Dream Board. Her advice is trust your feelings and tune in to what clicks.

I found more inspiration from Melody Scott Zindell’s newsletter, that’s along the same lines of finding the path. She writes, “If the past Mars in retrograde period has not brought you deeper insights into your own ‘Great Work,’ then perhaps this Pluto retrograde period will. But whether doing your great work or just being a great work by being alive on the planet and contributing to life’s marvelous unfolding, Mars in Virgo continues to encourage us to vigorously move forward but also carefully and soulfully.”

Mars the motivator is also nearly exactly opposite Neptune, the planet of shared dreams. There’s an on-edge feel with a lot of stimulation in the air, even as the waning Moon is an energetic winding down. This Mars-Neptune scenario mirrors themes of the logical left brain being submerged by flooding of all that’s swirling around in the great psychic sea. Working with images, in collage, works for times like this, and could be an outlet for busy hands!

The rest of this week spirals us into the Dark, with the Taurus New Moon on Sunday, April 21st. It’s feeling energetically to me like a time of limbo, when action (Mars) may be held in suspension with that Neptune pulling in the other direction. It’s a very fluid (and strange) time! Mars Virgo keeps us grounded in particular possibilities, with a virtual working out of steps — how about some lucid dreaming? There are many reasons why it’s fruitful now to retreat, and idly daydream with purpose.

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