Taurus Wellness: Scents U All

I love funny wordplay-type store names and Scents U All came to mind today, now that we’re in Taurus season. It’s a natural perfumery I used to live near on Haight Street in San Francisco. On the sense of smell, Scents U All’s proprietors write, “Smell directs us to food and to plants for healing. Smell also notifies us what to stay clear of. Animals can smell predators and certain smells ward off danger. Smells are used to create boundaries. Smell lures the olfactory palate to inspire us to eat, to walk, to relax, and to work.”

The Sun is now in Taurus, with Jupiter also to supersize sensory experiences. The right smell can evoke a mood, comfort, conjure a memory and soothe frayed nerves. If you’re bunched up with stress, bring delicious smells into your living space, or the bath.

In her Taurus Wellness Prescription, author Stephanie Gailing writes, “We find extra pleasure in the smell of a flower, the notes in a musical piece, the feeling of a certain fabric, and the flavors bursting forth from our food. We can use this heightened sense connection to enhance our wellness; examples include preparing a facial mask from avocados and honey, spending more time working in the garden, and cooking a luscious meal using the freshest of the season’s produce offerings.”

I’ve been in the garden this morning, transplanting corn shootlets. It’s a bit chilly here, reminding me that Earth’s climate is out of whack, as if Mother Earth has chills, fevers, erupting boils (volcanoes), shakes and quakes. It makes me appreciate those seasonal pleasures more, and shows the need to be alert to adapt, to grow well in changing conditions. The sensual side of life though takes us out of the worries about the future, and into the moment. And in Taurus season, we can have many such moments, of full-bodied sensory stimulation, including sacred sensuality.

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