The Star & Sun into Aquarius

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The apartments of The Circle on Queen Elizabeth Street in Bermondsey, London which are clad in bright blue tiles.

Sun into Aquarius starts today, for a cooler, lighter atmosphere, in which freeing future outcomes can be spied on the distant horizon. These last two months of the solar cycle — Aquarius and Pisces — have the feel of mystical renaissance, being liberated from fixed ideas. So begins a time to unshackle your thought processes – from the matrix, bad programming, your own persistent stories. It’s a time to experiment or follow an original thread of inspiration.

In Tarot, the beautiful Star card is linked to Aquarius, an anciently-known constellation that’s Latin for water bearer. Yesterday, my astro-friend Robert Phoenix pulled this for me in a reading with a vision of signals from a distant star. The Water bearer in Crowley’s Thoth Deck (seen here) is the very image of drawing down with organic ease and flow.

In Aquarius season, the instinct to trust our own natural rhythm and respect personal impressions and inclinations is strong. The radical streak of the Water bearer shows us how to act on these individual promptings, even if it seems the whole world is going another way. In staying true to yourself, you’ll meet up with others on your same wavelength.

The Aquarius month is great for collaboration, where individuals are respected, as part of a combined force that’s greater. And it’s also steadying for productive solo aims. This is fixed air for sustained mental activity — work with this for giving substance to an idea that holds your attention. Now is a time to fixate on what’s calling you, and be alert to messages out of the blue that guide your progress.

There are associations of the Water bearer and the Star card with holy water, baptism and cosmic beams that replenish the deserty places of the soul. And the month February is from the Latin Februa (purification) and Arias (pertaining to).(1) That’s why the Aquarius season inspires hope, compassion, rare clarity and a sense of impending breakthroughs. Happy Birthday month to all you Aquarians out there!

(1)From Skyscript on Aquarius Myth

Star Card/Thoth Crowley Tarot

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