Timeless & Simple Self-Healing Tips from Yogastrology!

Could it be true that the best balms for self-soothing in times of great change (like now!) are simple and available anytime, anywhere (for free)? I had an inspiring conversation with Yogastrology’s Diane Booth Gilliam just after the eclipse, who reminded me of that deep timeless healing place that’s there, if we can surrender some of the drama and the trauma.

Her suggestions for the holidays were timely for me, in a edgy week of surprises, some loss (my purse was stolen), a befuddling diagnosis for my dog Lulu, and unexpected generosity from my dog’s veterinarian, friends and random strangers. There have been a series of nearly shocking-awakening kinds of experiences related to health (my own and husband, dog). Right now, Mars is nearly dead-on my Pluto-Uranus conjunction in Virgo, and I do feel obsessed with the power of self-healing, and all things holistic. And in a ridiculously literal gift of altered perception, just as Mercury went direct in Sagittarius, someone ran off with my spectacles! It’s reignited my interest in natural vision.

In our conversation, Diane had me place my hands on my eyes — keep in mind, this is before my glasses were stolen. The result of breathing into my eyes was that they felt cooler and rested. It’s a simple self-care practice, if I’m willing to let go of the strain. Which brings me to Diane’s other wonderful insights about surrender as balance to Capricorn’s drive, and the ritual of kneeling found in many cultures.

It’s humbling and exciting to have old ideas shattered, and that’s where I am today in this post-eclipse period. Diane’s timeless tips are designed for such fragmented, chaotic times. They help us stay connected to a constant, like the hum of all creation, the sound of Aum.

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