Transit of Venus, 2012 & Dr. Saturno’s Unveiling

An archeological unveiling in the land of the ancient Maya is being used to dispel theories of apocalypse, which means unveiling. Such paradoxical times we live in! The archeologist is Dr. William Saturno, an intriguing name in itself. I’m having a big synch wink over it, considering some of what I’m learning about Saturn, ancient Saturnian cults and matrices of power. The Pope’s red brimmed-hat is a saturno. But that’s for another time….

Dr. Saturno has found wall murals in Xultan, a Mayan site, that show the ancients’ fascination with time cycles. The murals are likened to a blackboard in a workshop or class, or even a war room — with the main planets tracked, the Sun, Venus and Mars.

Mystic Medusa finds beautiful and eerie synchronicity in this find at this year (2012) in time. That’s because 2012′s astro (both astronomy and astrology) features a rare Transit of Venus. This means Venus crosses in front of the Sun, as it did in 2004 — it comes in pairs. This won’t happen again in our lifetimes, since the next is 2117.

Marina and Jamie of Darkstar Astrology have a stellar Transit of Venus Horoscope that comes with warnings. Like much of this year, the forecast is for major intensity! Venus is in retrograde in sign of the Twins (Gemini), and nearly exactly square to Mars (Virgo). This brings me to thoughts of twin souls, and coming into more wholeness with those from the past that still are loose ends for the soul. Get ready for astral meet-ups with old flames.

To see if the Transit of Venus (June 5/6th) is visible in your area, go to the NASA page. I know that sungazers look at the Sun through eyelids, but remember that it’s potentially dangerous to look upon it directly. Also, see the compilation of articles on the upcoming Transit of Venus (June 5/6th).


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