Transit of Venus & Earth’s Lost Spiritual Heritage

El Trasatlantico Independence the Seas, en el Puerto de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (10-Mayo-2010)

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El Trasatlantico Independence the Seas, en el Puerto de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (10-Mayo-2010)

Es uno de los barco de pasajeros más grande del mundo, pertenece a la flota de Royal Caribbean.
Lo más novedoso que posee es un dispositivo que permite practicar surf a través de un simulador que genera olas de 10 metros de ancho y 12 metros de largo.

Las dimensiones de esta nave son impresionantes, miden más que tres canchas de fútbol y pesa más que 32.000 elefantes. Si!! Un verdadero gigante. 339 metros de largo, 56 metros de ancho, 15 cubiertas de pasajeros, 14 ascensores, capacidad para 4.370 pasajeros, 1817 camarotes, 3 piscinas, 6 piscinas de hidromasajes, bar en la piscina, minigolf, teatro, gimnasio, galería de arte, heladería, ring de boxeo, shopping, pared de escalamiento de rocas, pista de patinaje sobre hielo, parque acuático infantil, bares, cafés, pizzerías, y hasta una capilla para quienes desean contraer matrimonios.

Eso si no se puede fumar en ningún lugar, salvo en un solo sector de una de las cubiertas al aire libre.
Sin lugar a dudas una maravilla sobre el mar.

I came across a most excellent read — The Venus Transit and Lost Civilizations of Earth. It expresses what I sense as the fight that’s racheting up, to claim lineages of spiritual power that are older than dirt.

It’s ancient earth wisdom that allies us with the greater power of the home planet. It’s a way to crack open the overlay, this artifice of culture that’s cut our roots to the richest past. One expression of the Uranus-Pluto square is fighting, or living ingeniously, with and for the Earth. As researcher David Icke has said, “The Earth needs rebels.”

Capricorn is a sign of reaching as deep into the Earth, as we climb. And Pluto here has a stripping effect, in its end game of bringing us back to embodied, earthed living. The coming down to Earth, can be painful and paradoxically, you have to really want it. I relate to this from new (again) grandfather Zen, “I was raised in suburbia and have spent the rest of my life unlearning everything I picked up and continued to get contaminated by from “modern” culture. To find your way back is no small task when the wind is blowing against anything natural as if it’s the plague.”

In our own intimacy with Earth and its energies, we find a kind of timeless power (Pluto is about power and powerlessness). Without those roots, we’re vulnerable to manipulation and being at the mercy of a fickle, ephemeral culture. Some get their power from being part of a powerful entity — a corporation or authority. But in our situation, there’s no more powerful entity than Earth, to ally with, as we reclaim these roots.

Serendipitously, last night I heard a voice in the forest, and sensed a presence. It made my heart surge, when I realized my man was not around. It filled me with wonder about the memory of the land, and the way time exists all at the same time. Later we went and took pictures and a face appeared that looked to be a wise old soul, but perhaps it was a nature spirit. This is another area to potentially draw power from, as veils between dimensions seem to be lifting.

The live oaks where I live are called The Elders of the South, and being near trees in general is a good place to tune in. It’s all around us, this natural knowledge and power, if we’ve got the spiritual stamina to bridge the gap. The Ambassadors of the Galaxy (Uranus, Pluto) are in our corner! Have a great weekend all….

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