Transit of Venus …Tuesday, June 5th!

Venus moves in front of the Sun tomorrow (Tuesday)! It’s an astronomical wow that won’t be happening again until 2117! At NASA’s Transit of Venus site, live coverage starts at 9:45 pm UTC/London and 5:45 pm EDT from Mauna Kea Hawaii (local time in Hawaii is 11:45 am). The transit lasts six hours. Just like with the last two eclipses, the Pacific areas, eastern Asia and the west coast of the US are the best viewing locales!

Transit of is a treasure of info, from how to see it without scorching your eyes, to past transits (1639, “A Most Agreeable Spectacle”/1761 & 1769/1874 & 1872/2004). The Transit of Venus has inspired the arts in each century. That creator of patriotic marches, John Philip Sousa composed a Transit of Venus march, which was revived in 2004 in venues around.

The love planet Venus is close to Earth (at Perigee, closest point), and will be conjunct the bright Sun Tuesday. Symbolically, it’s time to beam rays on what’s most alive and ‘current’ in our lives. Venus in quick Gemini looks for things that pop in the now! An invite to breakup habitual activities or relationships stuck in a groove of obligation.

Venus is in retro to June 27th, for a chance to dance with the past, in a ‘revised,’ spirited way. Coming off the pair of eclipses, Venus brings a mood of light play, and acceptance, to changes and all this surreal novelty afoot in the world. Venus Gemini in retrograde ups spontaneity and joy at living on the edge (of new experiences). As Venus moves in retrograde across our radiant Sun, the bright-eyed magical child returns. Sun and Venus together bring the happy back in new ways.

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