Transit of Venus! Wisdom Returns to Waking Life!

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One of my BFF’s called this morning to ask me about the Transit of Venus — what does it mean, she asked, spiritually, astrologically? Right there, in the spontaneous moment, we shaped our own mythic story, as sky watching earthlings have done since…forever.

What does it mean that Venus, the planet of women, the arts, love, pleasure is moving across the Sun tonight? The Sun, by far the biggest body in our solar system, delivers life-giving sunlight, but also rays that spark changes in consciousness. The Sun awakens.

The other luminary, the Moon, is often depicted as the terrain of the feminine, emotion, the imagination and what’s in shadow. It merely reflects the solar light in the dreamtime hours. My friend Kathy said Venus across the Sun brings women’s knowing back to the daylight hours and waking life. What’s known by the feminine (in both genders) is that all actions ripple out in seen and unseen ways. It’s bringing knowledge of emotional cause and effect and conscience back to public (Sun) life.

The Transit of Venus, I said, is about wisdom being made visible, making its presence known on the world stage. With Venus in the sign of duality Gemini, it’s a merging of right and left brains, and reclaiming of missing intelligences (emotional, relational, instinctive, intuitive) that have thrown our world out of balance. It’s time for the presence of the feminine to be a great balancing force.

It’s time for the elegant warrior, as philosopher Neil Kramer said on Red Ice Radio yesterday. Someone, he says, “who understands that consciousness can be wielded like a blade and consciousness can cut through illusion, through nonsense, through dishonesty and disrespect In a very powerful and profound way.”

For Kathy and I, who both have Neptune as chart ruler ( Pisces rising), we know we’re much more at home in the mysterious, occulted, ethereal. In a sometimes harsh world, it can feel safer to be undefined, shapeshifty, ‘otherworldly.’ Venus branded on the Sun inspires definition, potency, and full embodiment in the earthly plane, with all the responsibility that goes with it.

So this Transit of Venus inspires an emergence out of shadow, and broadcasting (the mutables) what’s known. There’s been an awakening of the feminine into (conscious) culture, especially, I’d say in the last ten years. The awakening Sun, with Venus, shows us how to play with that duality of male and female, with both necessary for full human experience. Fresh air gusts into culture, when previously sequestered knowing is revived in the public realm. With Venus vitalized by the Sun, the playful heart impresses itself on what we choose to create. It’ll be interesting to see how it shows up in culture — music, movies, design whimsy in public spaces, a re-enchantment of our world?

What are your insights or musings on the Transit of Venus? Please feel free to share!

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