Venus Joins Cast of “Mutable Mayhem”

It’s a year to be light on your feet, and alert to doors flinging open suddenly. And starting Tuesday, Venus traipses into Gemini, the air sign of play and delighting in what’s new. Venus the lover will be in Gemini, kicking up some love fun and mischief, all the way to August 7th! It’s a long love session with Gemini, because Venus will retrograde from mid-May near to the end of June.

Venus in mutable Gemini could soon play the role of trickster seductress that leads you into foggy or confusing territory, before shape-shifting into a crow and flying away. There’s already some mutable madness going on, making it wise to take a less is more approach. Be curious about it all, but err on side of discernment. There’s a Venus square to Neptune (Pisces), and this is in play at the Libra Full Moon on Friday (April 6). Under this influence, be wary of slick offers or too charming people, especially if your sixth sense is picking up danger signals.

The two lovers Venus and Mars are square each other, with Venus so close to the evolutionary past marker, the South Node (Gemini). With Mars in retrograde Virgo, this looks to me like a possible chance to choose the sensible, holistic path, over something that’s fun but you know you’ll pay a price for doing later. In our short attention span culture, it’s the road less traveled to sacrifice instant gratification for something more satisfying in the day-to-day real world.

Venus in Gemini Creates a Buzz:

  • Squares are catalyzing, and the Mars(Rx) square to Venus could knock a stuck relationship out of its groove and in the disruption, settle into a fresher form.
  • Venus square to Neptune could create a clash between culture light — gossip, newsy tidbits, compartmentalized social life — and a more universal engagement with the world (oneness).
  • Venus Gemini is opening the doors of the mind, holding on to ideas and people lightly.
  • Finding the freedom and joy in expressing all the many sides of who we are, in relationship.
  • Street party! Get to know neighbors, shopkeepers, local food producers and create mutually supportive friendship circles.

Venus Joins Cast of “Mutable Mayhem” originally appeared on Astrology on Monday, April 2nd, 2012 at 16:02:40.

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