Venus Taurus & the Grand Trine

I thought I was fairly in the know about hidden mysteries. But I’ve had a veil drop that’s led to both disillusionment and amazement. I see the waning half Moon (or Third Quarter Moon), in big picture Sagittarius, as a time for me personally to surrender, and allow for integration. Are you awakening to new realizations? What beliefs have to be released, to be able to integrate this new awareness?

In a world that makes you wonder what’s true, and what to hold on to, there are timeless stabilizers and healers to be found in nature. If paradigms are shattering, where is the ground to stand on? There’s a very beneficial and healing grand trine in earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) in play now. It’s a matrix for sinking into what’s nourishing, wholesome, and emanates from nature. If there’s confusion and stress, it’s a path to regeneration by inhabiting the natural self.

Here are the Players: Where do they fall in your chart?

  • Venus in Taurus: Sacred sensuality, rooting in, savoring food and smoothies, aromas, beautiful fabrics, harmonious music.
  • trine to Pluto Capricorn: the longevity of women, love of earth mysteries, intense commitment to loved ones
  • Venus conjunction to Jupiter Taurus: deep satisfaction, miracle grow on stable foundations, creative expansion, fertility
  • Venus trine to Mars Virgo(in Retrograde): body memory, adding pleasure to daily rhythm, unlocking healing vitality
  • Mars Rx trine Jupiter: Finding steps to earth your aspirations, Filling in gaps in skill or knowledge
  • Mars Rx trine Pluto: overhauling daily routine, adding needed catharsis and healing, body work that heals the soul.

And here are two new articles on Venus in Taurus, the connoisseur of simple pleasures and the one most likely to see art in nature, including the human body.

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Venus Taurus & the Grand Trine originally appeared on Astrology on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 at 15:40:58.

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