Your Scorpio Dark Moon

It’s the eve of the New Moon Scorpio and if you feel an undertow toward downtime, go with it. Being Pluto-Moon driven (with a square) and at home in the dark, I seem to always fixate on digging into the psyche, almost to a point of obsession? At the wise, soulful Scorpio Dark Moon, you know what you can handle, on your own sense of timing. Also, there are a thousand ways the soul speaks, in seemingly everyday conversations, self-expression, dreams, the arts, myth, and the ongoing intimate conversations with yourself. Scorpio is the sign of secrets, and guarding your seeds of potential, as they take form out of the dark.

I spent a lot of my twenties on the run from my shadow, instinctively knowing I had to build up strength and sense of self, before facing what lurked within. At this Scorpio lunation, what’s got a charge or is high-pressure can be provoked. Only you know if you’re ready to go there. The scuba analogy comes up, where it’s a life and death matter to train yourself to go deep, or you get the bends from not allowing time to adjust to different levels of pressure.

Mystic Medusa is the cleverest bird (I can say that because she’s based in the UK) with astro-writing that pops with useful insights. In today’s newsletter on “Practical Magic,” Mystic writes, “Please stay with the Dark Moon Protocol: look after yourself, rest, hydrate etc. Don’t go surfing for dark-scary stuff. Consider a News Fast? It’s a sensitive time, don’t over-think or over-emote things. Plus
it’s a NO to contacting peeps out of neediness, manipulation, nostalgia or other low-vibing motivations.”

I like her advice, because each of us are responsible for drawing our own boundaries — what we feed the imagination, the behaviors we allow ourselves to get sucked into, having emotional sobriety. It’s Halloween weekend for some, when what’s underground is brought to life through costume.

With spirits going walkabout, it’s worth being street smart about what we call in, consciously or unconsciously. This morning, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower of Cosmic Gaia wrote this on Facebook, “We can’t just complain about corporate greed or all the injustices — if we are blocking our own divine essence and inner peace, which creates the veil and the shadow which lower demonic energies thrive off of.” For those that feel ready, I see this New Moon as one to identify and/or cut loose from vampiric/parasitic energies — whatever or whoever they may be. It could be a habit, like watching news or social media, in a way that steals your peace somehow.

And if you’re already at overwhelm, give yourself the gift of time away from the drama. There’s a trine from Neptune in far-sighted sign Aquarius to the Sun-Moon, for journeys that enrich the imagination. Reading, listening to sublime tunes, finding the mystical in nature. I know it’s easier said than done, in a time when so much pulls on our energy. The manic-panic vibe and fear about the future is palpable, even if largely unspoken. But at the New Moon, there’s an even strong pull inward, to the home of the deepest self, where you can find profound healing, an unexpected pathway via the imagination or rest for the weary soul.

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Your Scorpio Dark Moon originally appeared on Astrology on Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 at 11:17:42.

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